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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Indoor Drills from the University of Mississippi

I continue to be amazed at how many places around the world -- California, Australia, Colombia, South Africa, even Florida -- have weather nice enough to play golf in. For the rest of us, the picture isn't so pretty.

So I spent some time hunting for some different indoor drills that we snowlanders could do. And I found a page (from 13 months ago) with some unusual suggestions at's blog.

Ole Miss Golf Course blog banner

Not surprisingly, most of the drills deal with putting. You can click on the post link above to check those out. (Some of them are new to me, and sound quite interesting.)

However, there is one drill listed for improving your range of motion during your backswing. I want to include that one here:
Sit down in a dining room chair with your feet flat on the floor and spread widely apart. Hold the club head in one hand and the grip in the other and place the shaft of the club on the back of your neck. Twist your shoulders to the right, holding the position for five seconds. If done properly, you'll feel the torque on the left side of your body. Turn back to your starting position and relax. Repeat this process 10 times.
It's not a new move but it's the first time I've seen it done from a sitting position. I'd suggest doing the drill on BOTH sides to improve your overall muscular balance.

Since you can do it sitting down, it's a good one to use while watching TV. It's not like we can go out and play golf or anything...

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