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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Golf Digest 2014 Hot List

I'm sure many of you are watching GC's Morning Drive this week because several of the equipment editors from Golf Digest are visiting. They're going over some of the highest-ranked equipment from the Golf Digest 2014 Hot List. Monday they talked about drivers.

Well, here's the link to the online 2014 Hot List. This page lets you choose what equipment category you want to look at, as well as providing links to some other interesting info such as how the Hot List is made and explanations of some of the technical terms they use.

There's also a link to the 2013 golf ball Hot List farther down the page. Hopefully they'll get a 2014 ranking up soon.

Oh, and one quick note from Morning Drive: Mike Stachura, the Golf Digest editor who came in to discuss the drivers, said the reason some manufacturers have as many as three drivers with seemingly identical technology is that (1) in some cases the drivers use slightly different applications of the same technology but most frequently (2) the lower-priced versions simply have fewer adjustments. For example, a $500 driver may allow independent adjustment of loft and shot shape while the $350 version may combine the two so the numerically-lower loft adds a fade bias while the numerically-higher loft adds a draw bias.

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