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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is Paula Creamer on the Verge?

As I understand it, Paula Creamer is getting tired of being asked about her 2010 US Women's Open win. It was her last victory and the questions tend to wonder when she might win again.

It's beginning to look like this could be the week.

Paula at the HSBC pro-am

She got into contention at both the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic and the ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open but just couldn't close the deal. (She got T3 in both events.) Although the 3rd round in Singapore isn't finished as I write this, Paula is just one shot off the lead and has been tied with the lead several times in the last few holes.

It's not a foregone conclusion by any stretch of the imagination -- Paula was over-par in the windy second round, and the wind is down considerably in the third. And the top of the leaderboard is bunching up because the leaders are struggling while players from back in the pack are making runs. Currently the lead is -9 and there are 10 players at -4 or better.

So why am I writing about Paula possibly winning when there's still so much golf left? Because I know a lot of you (like me) are Pink Panther fans who would love to see Paula get back in the victor's circle. The final round is on GC tonight at 10:30pm ET if you want to see if Paula can finally get it done.


  1. you called it, man!

  2. Even a blind squirrel... ;-)