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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Laura Davies in the Hunt in Morocco

The Constructivist is covering the LET's Lalla Meryem Cup over on his blog, and he is rightfully focusing on Ariya Jutanugarn (who has the lead after the second round) and the younger players who are fighting it out for the lead.

But I'm an old guy so I'm going to focus on the "old lady" in the field -- Laura Davies.

Laura Davies in Morocco

You see, Laura is playing some of the best golf we've seen from her in a while. She's currently at -5 (T4), 3 shots off Ariya's lead. But her stats say she's playing some great golf. She has 7 birdies against 2 bogeys, and she's hitting 86% of her fairways and 94% of her greens. (That's 34 out of 36 greens.) Those are just amazing stats for someone who is typically as wild off the tee as Laura!

Although they only have Ariya's stats for the first round, she hit 43% of her fairways and 78% of her greens in that round. So why is she beating Laura? In a word, putting. Laura's averaging 33 putts per round while Ariya took 25 in the first round.

Here's a short interview Laura did after the second round:

Laura blames her putting as well. It's been her bugaboo for quite a while.

But she's playing well otherwise and Laura has always been a streaky putter. If she could just get a little warm on the greens -- and if Ariya keeps missing fairways and greens -- she could steal this tournament. And she has some extra motivation because she needs the Solheim Cup points.

I for one will be checking in to see how Laura does. This could be a great story in the making!


  1. It was a different English star who prevailed in the end--you may have heard of her! :)

  2. Yeah, Laura stalled out after that great round. The old Ruthless Golf Curse at work!