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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This Week's LET Event

Although the LPGA isn't playing this week, the LET is... and, surprise, surprise! GC is carrying some of the broadcasts.

The event is the World Ladies Championship at Mission Hills in China. You can read more about it in this article at the LET website.

amateur Minjee Lee

Remember how upset I was that YouTube didn't carry the last LET event that was publicized? Well, IceCat noted in the comments that GC held the North American rights to the broadcast and it appeared that they blocked it. This time it looks like they intend to carry the live YouTube broadcast themselves.

The event is an unusual one, best summed up by this paragraph from the article I mentioned earlier:
The World Ladies Championship is unique in professional golf in that it consists of three events in one – an individual professional competition, a professional team championship in which 18 countries are represented by teams of two, and an individual amateur tournament.
GC will be carrying the final 2 rounds -- the same ones YouTube is broadcasting -- on Saturday and Sunday (March 8th & 9th) from 6am-9am ET. (The YouTube listing is from 5:30am-8:30am GMT, if you're in an area that gets them.) And here's the page where you can find all the different leaderboards.

At least this time we get to see the rounds when they happen. If we're awake, that is.


  1. Too bad the JLPGA and Japanese media in general charge so much for rights. Their kickoff event is this week, too!

  2. Eventually I think the other tours will see the wisdom of exposure... unless they're counting on the LPGA to do the work for them.