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Thursday, April 10, 2014

For All You Shoppers Out There...

For those of you who might be interested, online golf clothing store Function 18 -- who have provided some fashion posts for me in the past as well as a Masters infographic a couple of posts back -- sent me a note that they're having a Masters sale that runs through Sunday.

Since they're located in the UK, the prices are in British pounds. They're offering 10% off all orders over £10 (at the time of this posting, my Google calculator says that's $16.78 in US dollars) and 15% off all orders over £100 ($167.81).

The press release said, "The promotion is available across all major golf brands available online at Function18 including Oscar Jacobson, Nike Golf, Puma Golf, Adidas Golf and Hugo Boss, and will run throughout the Masters tournament until Sunday 13th April."

You can find the sale at Just click the sale button on the front page. Here's the graphic with the sale codes (GET10 and GET15, in case they don't show up clearly):

Function18 ad

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