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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Need Some Masters Facts?

No doubt many of you are seeking useful trivia about the Masters so you can impress some of those folks who say all your golf is a waste of time. Well, here's help!

The folks over at Function18 came up with this neat infographic about the Masters. (Remember them? They provide me with fashion articles sometimes.) If you click on the graphic, you'll be taken to the original -- it's a bit large for me to show full width on my site.

Now, while you're having lunch with friends, you can casually tell them that green jackets take a long time to make. And please, try not to smirk as your vast knowledge goes to your head...

Infographic about the Masters

UPDATE: And here's another Masters infographic created by the betting website It has entirely different information.

Spreadex Masters Infographic 2014

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