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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Limerick Summary: 2014 Masters

Winner: Bubba Watson

Around the wider world of golf: The golf world always seems to come to a halt when it's Masters Week. Carlos Ortiz won the El Bosque Mexico Championship on the Tour; Min Young Lee won the KLPGA's Lotte Mart Women's Open; and Esther Lee won the JLPGA's Studio Alice Ladies. (The Constructivist has details -- just click the links.)

Adam slips the coat on Bubba

Sunday afternoon, 2014 April 13: Bubba Golf enters a new era as Bubba Watson proves he can control his emotions and still play with exquisite control... while simultaneously pounding his competition into little greasy spots.

Remember that date. We may be adding more major Sundays to it before long.

And it's not as if everybody else played so bad. We had players making history with their play during this Masters... and yet, it just wasn't good enough. Even Jordan Spieth -- who made more than a little history himself as Bubba's chief competition Sunday -- said he would never forget Bubba's tee shot on 13. All it did was fly 360 yards after clipping some trees. Bubba hit a wedge for his second shot on the par-5.

Then there was that shot from the trees on 15. Bubba had a three shot lead and only needed to chip out. Instead he curved it over the lake, nearly getting himself an eagle chance.

And this time he got to share it with his wife and son. Last time Caleb was too young for them to make the trip and see Daddy get his first Green Jacket.

The number of great performances will be remembered for a long time, with Jordan Spieth and Miguel Angel Jimenez leading the pack. But Sunday belonged to Bubba in a way that no one can deny.

Or maybe even believe.

Yes, Bubba Golf definitely proved itself Sunday. We don't know yet how he'll fare against a healthy Tiger Woods, but it's sure gonna be fun finding out! Until then, we'll have this Limerick Summary to tide us over:
Now Bubba’s gone two out of three
Just by busting it off of the tee,
Threading trees, crossing water…
At this rate he oughta
Win several majors like these!
The photo comes from the tournament page at

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