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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dave Pelz and His Foolproof Chipping Method

I've mentioned this in several past posts, but Dave Pelz has finally done a video describing why it's easier to chip with a short iron than a wedge -- in this case, an 8-iron. This is a 4-minute video that can save you a lot of strokes!

I'm not going to repeat everything in his video, but here's the gist of it:

When you use a short iron and move the ball back a bit in your stance, you eliminate unpredictable backspin (will the ball bite or not?) and the possibility of flipping the club, which causes a mis-hit. Dave puts the ball off his trailing ankle and angles his feet toward the target, which makes it look like the ball is waaaaay back in his stance. (That automatically delofts the club, btw.) Then he uses his arms and shoulders to make a smooth motion -- a deadhanded shot, which we've talked about before.

Look, there are lots of ways to chip and pitch. Sometimes you need to use the bounce and your hands a bit to get backspin on a pitch (we've talked about that before, such as in this Azinger post) and sometimes you just need a straightforward chipping motion. This really is an almost foolproof way to hit decent chips without worrying about hitting them fat.

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