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Friday, May 23, 2014

Golf Magazine's Wedge Test

While Golf Digest gets a lot of publicity for their Hot List tests, Golf Magazine's tests often get overlooked. Here's a link to their test of 12 different wedge models.

Picture of the 12 wedges <b>Golf Magazine</b> tested

The Golf Magazine tests are different from the Hot List because they're done by 40 golfers, not by magazine staffers. There's a short video on the linked page that features some of those golfers telling what they liked about the clubs, as well as showing how the wedges actually look when you're standing over them at address.

There are also individual links to "group" reviews of each wedge, containing the combined wisdom of all the testers. One thing I like about these pages is that there's a list of every loft/bounce combination they tested for each wedge, along with the main technological innovation that each company is touting for that club. You also get a pretty comprehensive list of the pros and cons for each wedge as compiled by the testers.

Unlike the Hot List, you don't get a hierarchical ranking of the clubs -- you know, which wedges rate 5 stars vs which ones rate 1 star. However, since those rankings rarely tell me which club will work best for me -- and as the video shows, each of the clubs was the preferred choice of some of the testers -- that doesn't bother me.

If you're in the market for a new wedge, comparing these rankings with the Hot List should give you a pretty good base of information to begin narrowing your search.

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