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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How Far Should You Stand from the Ball?

I found a brand new video from teachers Bill and Craig Harmon -- just posted Monday! -- over at It addresses the problem of how far to stand from the ball when you set up for a drive.

Here's what I think is the key position in the video:

Harmons addressing a drive

Essentially they're taking an athletic stance -- knees flexed, torso tilted forward slightly -- and pointing the butt end of the club toward their belly buttons. Billy says this should get you within an inch or two of the proper position. The video demonstrates a couple of ways to get into this position quickly.

It's a pretty good guideline for shots off the turf as well.

I know this sounds like elementary stuff, but it's the basics that tend to mess us up. As Billy says, "People who stand too far away from the ball at the start stand too close to it after they hit it." Don't be that guy!

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