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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Pick Sunglasses That Look Good on You

I ran across a short article at Golf Digest's site about choosing sunglasses. It's called (not surprisingly) How to Pick a Sunglass Frame That Looks Good on You. But I was a little disappointed because basically all it said was to pick frames that are a different shape than your face -- that is, pick frames with angles if your face is rounder, and vice versa. Not good enough!

So I decided to find some sites that would be more help. Otherwise, how would you know if these Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Cosmos are right for you? Of course, we don't want to be overwhelmed with info, so I'll keep it to a couple of helpful sites.
Ray-Ban Wayfarers
We'll start at the Sun Authority's website with their Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape guide. (They also have an interactive tool to help you out, if you prefer.) It shows you how to identify your face shape (one of 4 different outlines) and then shows you what frame shapes tend to work best with that shape. The guide is short but it's far more helpful than the Golf Digest article.

The United Shades website takes it a bit farther with their Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face page. This page makes frame recommendations for 6 different face outlines, but also gives some tips on how your hairstyle affects the way the frame looks on your face AND how your skin's complexion should affect the frame color you choose. A very cool page!

That's enough to give you some guidance. I've tagged this page as "fashion" but also as "equipment," simply because sunglasses are more than a fashion statement for golfers -- they're a necessary form of eye protection. Every golfer needs sunglasses...

But it doesn't hurt if they make you look cool as well. ;-)

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