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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Limerick Summary: 2014 Wells Fargo Championship

Winner: J.B. Holmes

Around the wider world of golf: Stacy Lewis finally broke through for her first win this season at the North Texas LPGA Shootout (the Constructivist has details); Min Seo Kwak won the Chico's Patty Berg Memorial on the Symetra Tour; Yuki Ichinose won the CyberAgent Ladies on the JLPGA (the Constructivist has details of this one too); Heath Reed won the Coca Cola Morobe Open on the Australasian Tour; Bernhard Langer won the Insperity Invitational on the Champions Tour; Felipe Aguilar won the Championship at Laguna National on the ET; Amy Boulden won her first LET title at the Association Suisse de Golf Ladies Open; Sam Chien won the Buick Open on the PGA TOUR China; and Blayne Barber won the's South Georgia Classic.

J.B. Holmes at the final hole

Many fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective engage in something they simply call "the Game." It's an attempt to figure out details about Sherlock Holmes that are either not told or are not entirely clear from the stories and novels. The Game provides more than ample excitement for these fans, as deduction is a challenging game.

Likewise, fans of yet another Holmes found themselves involved in their own version of the Game. As each of the obvious suspects fell by the wayside -- the unpredictable Lefty, the debonaire Rose, and the enigmatic Irish half of the duo known as Wozzleroy -- others sought to challenge J.B. after he surged to the front of the pack Saturday. None of them could mount a sustained assault...

None but one, and he was -- as always -- a formidable adversary.

Rather than the notorious Professor James Moriarity, another James -- Furyk, to be exact -- emerged from the shadows to perplex Holmes. Just like the plot of a Conan Doyle tale, Furyk's plan was in motion long before Holmes reached the climax of the story. An eagle at the 15th was unexpected, and Furyk's trap was sprung. Even as Holmes approached the clubhouse and the final hole played out we wondered, "Can Holmes triumph over his adversary?"

But as Holmes's fans know, the Great Detective is a master of weapons -- yes, the Robert Downey Jr. movies had that correct -- and once again Holmes stood in the winner's circle. Indeed, the two now stand ready to do battle again this week, as the Holmes win assured a rematch at TPC Sawgrass.

And perhaps -- perhaps -- Holmes has attracted the attention of one Mr. Watson, who might be considering him for the Ryder Cup. (Couldn't let that one go unused, now could I?)

Since the Wells Fargo Championship put me in an unusually literary mood this week, it seemed only appropriate (elementary?) to let Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "take a swing" at writing this week's Limerick Summary. I dare say, however, that his grasp of golf strategy is somewhat disappointing. (But what else can you expect? He killed Holmes in "The Final Problem" because he got tired of him, then had to bring Holmes back so Holmes's fans wouldn't kill him as well!)
If Conan Doyle penned these reviews,
Of the Game he would proudly deduce,
“Why, it’s quite elementary—
Holmes fundamentally
Beats them with clubs till they lose!”
The photo came from the tournament wrap-up page at

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