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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blair O'Neal on Tig-- uh, Michelle's Stinger

Golf Digest is doing a series of videos called The Sexiest Shots in Golf with Blair O'Neal and Anna Rawson. Since Michelle Wie has gotten herself in contention at the US Women's Open in large part because of her 3-wood stinger, it's a good time to learn how it's done. Blair is showing how Tiger does it, but the technique is the same.

Here are the 6 steps Blair lists:
  1. Choose a long iron (or hybrid)
  2. Low tee height (just above the grass)
  3. Ball to rear of stance (not way back, but back of center)
  4. Open stance
  5. Three-quarter swing
  6. Hands ahead of clubhead at impact
Like I said, the technique should also transfer just fine to a 3-wood. Just don't move the ball quite as far back in your stance.

In this series Anna Rawson has a good video on hitting a checked wedge. Maybe I'll post that one sometime next week.

If the video didn't embed properly, you can see the original video here.


  1. Similar backswing to Wie