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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Rolex #1 Up for Grabs AGAIN?

Yes, a mere week after Stacy Lewis snatched the #1 spot in the rankings from Inbee Park, the top spot could change hands yet again.

But the threat isn't Inbee. It's Lydia Ko.

Lydia Ko

Alright, here's the deal: You might think that Inbee would have the best chance to retake #1 since she's closer to Stacy than Lydia is. Here are the current point standings:
  1. 10.33 -- Stacy Lewis, 55
  2. 9.52 -- Inbee Park, 59
  3. 9.21 -- Lydia Ko, 32
The trick is the second number beside each name, which represents the number of events each player has played in during the ranking period. Because Lydia counts 27 fewer tournaments than Inbee -- a loophole in the rankings caused by Lydia's short professional career -- any ranking points Lydia gains this week will be worth roughly twice as much as the ones Inbee gains. Within the year Lydia's tournament total should rectify this problem. (Bear in mind that #5 Karrie Webb only counts 43 events, so this isn't unusual.)

What this means is that Lydia can take over the #1 spot if she wins the Manulife Financial LPGA Classic and Stacy finishes in 8th place or worse. However, I wouldn't bet on that. This is only the Manulife's 3rd year, and Stacy finished T5 and T6 in the first two.

Doesn't look that promising for Lydia... but that's why they play the tournament.

The Manulife will be broadcast on GC starting at noon ET today. Both of the previous winners needed playoffs to win and last year's winning score was -26, so this could end up being a real shootout.

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