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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Working a Hybrid Off the Tee

I found this video tip from Golf Magazine Top100 Teacher Jim Murphy over at It's a tip on how to hit a hybrid off the tee. Murphy says you can hit a hybrid almost as far as a driver if you do it right...

But it's his warning about how NOT to do it that I think many of you will be more interested in!

Murphy says that the correct way to hit your hybrid long and straight is to tee it very low, so the tee almost doesn't show above the ground, and make the same swing (a level to slightly downward sweeping blow) you'd make from the fairway.

That's if you want to hit it long and straight. Teeing it high, as you would with a driver, is a mistake...

Unless you WANT to hit a hook with your hybrid!

If you tee the ball high -- that is, with about half the ball above the top of the hybrid -- and make your normal upward driver swing, Murphy says YOU'LL HOOK THE BALL. So if you need to get a big hook off the tee, you could aim for a hook and make your driver swing.

And it follows that if you adjust how high you tee the ball -- teeing it just a bit lower, for example -- you should be able to turn that big hook into a smaller draw.

You may have to play with this a bit to get the exact result you want. And if you're a chronic slicer, you may have to work on your weight shift a little so you don't reverse pivot and cut across the ball. But for many of you, this could be just the thing for that dogleg tee shot that's been giving you trouble.

And as usual, if the video didn't embed properly, you can find the original video here.

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