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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Harmons Behaving Badly... with Wedges

Yeah, you know how those Harmon boys are. Bill and Craig Harmon did a video for Golf Magazine demonstrating two ways to hit a wedge less than its full distance.

Craig uses a full swing but chokes down on the wedge for a less-than-full wedge shot. You need to stand closer to the ball for the choked down shot, but you don't have to change your swing. Since you've gripped down, the ball doesn't fly as far even though the swing is still a full swing.

Bill doesn't choke down; he changes the length of his swing. By shortening his swing to waist high, he also takes distance off his shot.

For the record, Bill's method is the most frequently taught method. I should point out that Craig's choked down swing is also shorter; when he bends over more, it restricts his backswing a little.

But both methods will work. You can use the one that feels most comfortable to you... and, of course, the one that gives you the best results!

And as usual, if for some reason the video didn't embed properly, you can find the original at this link.


  1. An interesting note: When Holly Sonders did her Playing Lessons show with Sandra Gal Tuesday night, Sandra used Craig's choke down method when playing some of her wedge shots.

  2. I find the shortened shaft method gets me a punchier trajectory but as demonstrated in the video it isn't the easiest to pull off without practice as choking down changes the whole feel of the club. It is great for controlling shots in the wind. Select 1 or 2 clubs more than the desired club and choke down.

    I much prefer the shortened backswing version (as advocated by Dave Pelz in his Short Game Bible as well). Personally, it gives me more solid contact more consistently.

    Everyone agrees that you must stand a little closer to the ball. Here's another nice video on the subject:

  3. Thanks for the video link, JB!