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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Butch Is Changing Rickie Fowler's Swing

Today's post is more about learning by seeing. Rickie Fowler's work with Butch Harmon has really shown some noticeable progress, especially in the majors. Here's a video from PGA instructor Matt Holman outlining the differences between Rickie's 2011 swing and his 2014 swing.

The video is self-explanatory so I won't duplicate what Matt says. But what Butch has been generally trying to do is get Rickie's swing on more of a neutral plane -- it was very flat before -- and eliminate a lot of the excess motion he originally had. The first half of the video explains the original swing shown on the right; the rest of the video explains the changes on the left.

The lines Matt draws showing the differences in where Rickie's hands are at the top of his backswing now may really help a lot of you learn to keep your hands "in front of you."

This video was uploaded in March, before Rickie started playing so well in the majors. When Matt says he expected these changes to make a huge difference in Rickie's play going forward, he didn't know how right he was!

Rickie said the bad shots he hit coming down the stretch in the third round were the result of the old habits sneaking back in. Tim Rosaforte told GC that Rickie had already been on the phone with Butch to try and figure out how to keep them from coming back. It should be interesting to see if Rickie can catch Rory again today and maybe even sneak past him for his first major.

After all, that's how Rickie got his other two professional wins!

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