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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jack and Bubba, Peter Said

A couple of weeks back during a CBS golf broadcast, Peter Kostis compared Bubba Watson's swing to that of Jack Nicklaus. Fortunately, Golf Magazine asked Peter to put his comparison in writing for them.

Jack and Bubba

On the CBS broadcast, they flipped a video of Jack's swing so he was left-handed and ran the two side-by-side. That video is included with the article and also available through YouTube. I'm also embedding it here:

One interesting thing Peter said that he reiterated again during GC's coverage of the Greenbrier is this: "By the way, I’ll never be able to figure out why keeping the left heel on the ground became a “fundamental” of modern instruction. It’s a back injury waiting to happen."

One other thing he said is this: "Let’s face it: There really isn’t anything new in golf --  just different wrapping paper on the same gift." I sometimes hear complaints that I don't teach anything new, just the same old fundamentals over and over. The reason is because we golfers continue to look for some silver bullet, some magic key that will turn us into experts overnight. But the only secret is in mastering the fundamentals -- both in knowing what to do and why to do it -- and that's what transforms our games.

It's just that sometimes those fundamentals look a bit different when different players figure out how to use them to their best advantage. Just look at Bubba and Jack.

Peter Kostis has more to say in that article about the two swings and also about how we learn to play golf. It's well-worth taking a few moments to read it.

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