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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Now THIS Is the International Crown!

It's finally here! The first playing of the International Crown starts today! The main purpose of this post is to link you to the appropriate pages where you can keep up with everything.

First, here's the short version of how the format works: There are 2 pools with 4 teams in each pool. The pool play lasts 3 days, with each team playing all three other teams in their pool. Wins are worth 2 points, halves are worth 1. On Saturday afternoon the Top2 teams in each pool get to the final day, as well as the best team of the other 4. (If that means a playoff, so be it!) And on Sunday, those 5 teams will play singles matches. The team with the most points overall wins the International Crown trophy, which also includes 4 individual crowns. How cool is that?

Here's the main scoring page. I think this is one of the coolest leaderboards ever posted by any of the tours. Everything is easily readable -- each day's individual matches are posted in LARGE PRINT on the right side of the page, and the scores of the teams in each pool are posted on the left side. I know most bloggers won't make a big deal of this but, given how much graphic design my projects require, this scoreboard is an amazing accomplishment.

the Jutanagurns

This News Hub page provides a variety of links focused on each team. There are newspaper links, a link to a team video, and of course a stat page for each team.

The photo came from this page about Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn, the sisters who will be playing together on Team Thailand. We haven't seen Ariya much on the LPGA because she's been recovering from a shoulder injury she got about a year ago at the LPGA Championship.

Of course, my fellow bloggers have been doing posts as well. Tony Jesselli posted an International Crown preview that also includes info on the Priority List shuffle that was done yesterday before the tournament. And the Constructivist has done two posts -- one on the Pool A competitors and one on the Pool B competitors. TC says Pool B is the "Pool of Death" but I don't know if that's because the teams are tough or just because the Japanese team is in it. (Ai Miyazato is one of his faves on tour.)

I should also add that has their own breakdown of the teams, including some interviews.

Finally, here's the TV schedule from Of course, GC will be carrying all four days.

Thursday, July 24 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. ET (Live)
Friday, July 25 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. ET (Live)
Saturday, July 26 3-7 p.m. ET (Live)
Sunday, July 27 3-7 p.m. ET (Live)

Please note that all four days are LIVE coverage.

This should definitely be a great tournament. In many ways this will be a test run for the Olympic event, except that this is match play rather than stroke play, as well as for next year's revamped Match Play WGC on the PGA Tour. We've never seen a golf tournament run this way before -- I CAN'T WAIT!

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