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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Putter Picking for the Discriminating Player

Dave Pelz has done a brand new video for about how to pick the best putter for you. He shows you a method for comparing different types of putters, to determine which one will give you the best results.

I'm not going to repeat his testing method here, but I do want to talk a bit about his advice on how you know where to start looking.

Dave shows how he putts best in this video. It's not necessarily the way YOU would putt best; that's not his point. What he recommends is that you try different putting styles to see which one allows you to make the most putts.

Start by simply taking your existing putter to your local course's putting green, set up a "putting circuit" of holes the way he does in this video, and try different methods of putting. Let your arms hang straight down for one circuit, then try bending your elbows for another. Keep your elbows close to your side for one circuit, angle them outward for another circuit. Stand taller, bend over more, get your eyes over the ball, get your eyes inside the ball. Try a variety of different putting techniques and address positions and see what works best for you.

One nice thing he suggests is getting some impact tape and putting it on the face of your putter. That will help you see if you're hitting the ball in the sweet spot, or more toward the toe, or more towards the heel. That may tell you if your putter isn't right for you... or maybe that you just need more practice!

The important thing is to know how you do your best putting before you go shopping. It's much easier to get a good tool if you know how you're going to use it.

And as usual, if the video didn't embed properly, you can find the original at this link.

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