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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Limerick Summary: 2014 John Deere Classic

Winner: Brian Harman

Around the wider world of golf: WOW! What a wild day of golf! Mo Martin won the RICOH Women's British Open (with an eagle on the final hole) on the LPGA/LET; Colin Montgomerie won the US Senior Open in a playoff on the Champions Tour; Justin Rose won the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open on the ET; Andres Gonzales won the Utah Championship on the Tour; and Tim Madigan won The Players Cup on the PGA Tour Canada.

And of course, Germany beat Argentina to win the World Cup. How could I possibly ignore that?

Brian Harman with Deere trophy

The Steve Stricker Annual Annuity Tournament wasn't real high on my "need to see" list Sunday. First there was the Women's British Open -- wasn't Martin's win a fun kind of shocker? -- and then there was all the flipping back and forth between the World Cup and the US Senior Open. Of course, both of those went to extra periods/holes, so the flipping went on longer than planned. (Naw, I didn't watch the Scottish Open... just checked to see who won. I'll watch those guys next week!)

Still, I tried to keep some sort of tabs on the Deere. It usually ends up as a shootout with some pretty spectacular play down the final stretch. But with Stricker just off the lead beginning the day and Zach Johnson not far back, it seemed reasonable to assume that one of those two would most likely pull it off.

Boy, was I wrong there! Although Zach played one of his best rounds this year, Stricks had an off day and Brian Harman, the leader to start the day, took advantage of the situation. First-time winners aren't unusual at the Deere -- why, just last year a certain young lad named Spieth (you may have heard of him) got his first win there. But I don't think anyone expected Zach to get clipped at the wire again.

Hark! Do I hear the sound of large shears snipping away? I believe I do!

I won't bother trying to recap a tournament of which I myself only caught snippets. (Besides, the Tour's Upshot page has a nice recap if you want it.) However, I will note that Harman picked a good time to "mow down" the field, as it gave him the final exemption into the Open Championship next week. As you know, the Deere keeps a chartered airplane ready to carry players across the pond, not just for the man who grabs that last exemption but for any other players who might consider playing the Deere instead of the Scottish Open.

Harman said he not only brought his passport but a couple of coats (and his fiance) as well. And because of his good play, he has his very own Limerick Summary to take along as well. Relax, Brian -- I understand that Limerick Summaries make it through customs quite easily:
He played with Steve Stricker the last round—
But Brian, not Steve, won the Deere crown!
And before you read this,
He’ll already be whisked
Off to England ‘cause Brian is Open-bound!
The photo came from the leaderboard page.

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