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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Putt Whisperer PDF Is Finally Out!

I'm celebrating the Fourth of July by finally releasing a book I thought I'd have done back in January. At least, I'm releasing the PDF version -- the paperback, Kindle, Nook, and other versions will be coming out over the next week or so.

The Putt Whisperer cover When I wrote Ruthless Putting back in 2009, it focused on turbocharging your existing putting stroke so you could make more putts with less practice. Back then, it never occurred to me that golfers might not have an existing putting stroke. But then the USGA and the R&A announced their upcoming ban on anchored putting.

That was the genesis of The Putt Whisperer. I didn't just want to rewrite Ruthless Putting -- I personally don't like having to buy a book again, no matter how much it's been changed -- so I decided to write a book that would complement the original. Although I tried to make it a self-contained lesson, it does tell you where you can find more complete treatment of some subjects in Ruthless Putting.

The Putt Whisperer teaches you how to build a new stroke completely from scratch. I've nearly gone nuts writing it because I wanted to teach you how to build a swing you could FEEL, a swing that focused on getting the ball in the hole and not just having a technically perfect swing -- but that's easier said than done. The reason most players think they can't putt is because they're way too tied up in mechanics... and everybody feels things a little differently.

So here's the deal: The Putt Whisperer explains exactly why the belly putter appears to help some players while not helping others. It teaches you how to build a personalized putting stroke that incorporates all the necessary fundamentals. While it explains a large number of fundamentals that make a stroke work, those fundamentals are interrelated -- changing one affects a number of others -- so you can focus on the ones that you have the most trouble with. The others should be incorporated automatically when you use the included drills that teach you how a good stroke feels. I also outline a simple process that will help you put it all together without tying your brain in knots.

In essence, regardless of whether you're moving from a belly putter or just having trouble with your regular putter, this book teaches you how to incorporate all the advantages of an anchored stroke without actually having to anchor the club. Cool, huh?

But unlike other putting books, The Putt Whisperer also contains an extended section discussing what it means to have a "light grip pressure." A full 20% of this Quick Guide details the techniques you can use to adjust your grip pressure until you're putting with a repeatable stroke. This section in particular drove me crazy because each grip needs to be adjusted a bit differently to get the best results... and I covered 6 different grips in that section. But I think you're going to find it very helpful.

So the special PDF version that you can download only from here is ready to go today. The other versions will, as I said, be available by the end of next week (hopefully!) and I'll put up short posts to let you know as each one finally becomes available through its respective sales channel.

I hope you find The Putt Whisperer helpful. And Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

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