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Friday, July 18, 2014

Tom Watson on When to Chip, When to Putt

Tom Watson off the greenTom Watson has a new (and very short) article at about when to putt and when to chip.

While it has the standard advice you'd expect -- quote, "even the best chippers putt when they can," unquote -- this article is nice because it tells you when chipping is best and what kind of lies will give you the best chance of success with each technique. He talks about simple things we should remember but often don't -- things like making a bigger stroke to putt the ball through the fringe, or taking a club with less loft than a wedge to get the chip rolling sooner, or using your putting grip with the wedge.

Again, a simple article... but it could save you a bunch of strokes. And this is Tom Watson talking here! How can you miss if you follow his advice?

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