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Friday, August 22, 2014

A Shortcut for Closer Greenside Bunker Shots

I love little tips like this! I call them "rules of thumb" -- they won't necessarily give you a perfect result, but they're close enough that you get a result you can use.

This video at is by Golf Magazine Top100 Teacher Fred Griffin. It's a shortcut to help you get your ball closer to the hole from greenside bunkers:

It's super simple: A typical greenside bunker shot travels roughly 1/3 of the distance that a shot with the same length swing would travel from the grass. In other words, as Fred demonstrates here, for a 20-yard greenside bunker shot you want to swing like you're hitting a normal 60-yard wedge shot.

Since Fred says this particular bunker "feels" like 3:1 sand -- and it looks to be of fairly average depth -- I'm guessing that a shot from softer sand doesn't travel as far. Likewise, if the bunker doesn't have much sand, I'm guessing the ball goes farther. You'll need to practice a bit to see what kind of results you get from the bunkers where you commonly play.

Is this going to be accurate all the time? No, it won't. But it will be correct a lot of the time, and even when it's not it should still get you pretty close to the pin.

Did I mention how much I love little tips like these? ;-)

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