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Sunday, August 10, 2014

If You're Curious About Tiger's Swing...

The arguments about what Tiger is working on with Sean Foley -- as well as whether they're working on the correct things --drags on. Brandel Chamblee has tried to explain things, although I'm not always clear what he's talking about. But I found an explanation at that includes a computer diagram of the changes to Tiger's swing.

computer image of Tiger's swing changes

In the image, blue shows Tiger in 2000 while yellow shows Tiger right now. Seems innocuous enough, doesn't it? In fact, you'll hear many instructors tell you that this is a good position.

Apparently there's more to the change than a simple shaft lean. The article explains what that "more" is. When I read the article, what I found most interesting is that Trackman doesn't show everything about your swing. I'd never heard that before.

Anyway, while the article makes no claims about what Tiger should be doing, it does a good job of explaining what's actually causing all the disagreements. If you read it, at least you'll understand what the TV analysts are arguing about!


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