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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Limerick Summary: 2014 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational

Winner: Rory McIlroy

Around the wider world of golf: Veronica Felibert won the Symetra Tour's Credit Union Classic; Geoff Ogilvy won the Barracuda Championship, the PGA TOUR's alternate field event; Kenny Perry won the 3M Championship on the Champions Tour; Tony Finau finally broke through on the Tour at the Stonebrae Classic; Brock Mackenzie won the ATB Financial Classic on the PGA TOUR Canada; and, if I read the translation correctly, Otake Acre won the Castrol Ladies on the JLPGA.

Rory at the WGC-Bridgestone

Which do you think made bigger news -- Rory winning his first WGC win or Tiger re-injuring his back?

It's a toss-up, I guess... but I have trouble believing that both of them will make it to the Ryder Cup. Just saying...

Let's focus on Rory though. This is two consecutive starts against world-class fields where he has clearly been the best. He won the Open in a runaway; he won the Bridgestone coming from behind. And it only took him three holes to "change the narrative," as the media likes to say, going from 3 back to 1 ahead just like that.

No one will object when he takes over the #1 spot on the OWGR today. Nobody will gripe over his sudden appearance at #3 in the FedExCup rankings. As he put it in his comments at the event:
"This is better [than the last time he reached #1]," he said. "Mentally, I'm really sharp. I didn't start to think about score. I didn't think about where I was in the tournament. I just playing shot after shot after shot. So yeah, it's good."
Oh yeah, it's good. What an understatement!

Former US President Theodore Roosevelt (our 26th President, from 1901-1909) once described his foreign policy this way: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." Rory has taken that to heart, as the big stick -- the huge red one with Nike printed on it (you do know that Nike was the Greek goddess of victory, don't you?) -- has truly become his policy for dealing with the big tournaments.

And yes, he's definitely going far. He averaged 335 yards off the tee at Bridgestone this week!

So, as we move into the final major of 2014, let's present Mr. McIlroy with yet another Limerick Summary. I suggest reading it in a soft voice, so as not to rouse him from that sharp mental state he's in. We don't want that big stick of his smacking something besides a golf ball, now do we?
With Rory, we don’t have to nitpick
His game or get caught up in rhetoric;
His scores are deep red.
As Roosevelt said,
“Speak softly… and smash Nike’s big stick!”
The photo came from the tournament wrap-up page at

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