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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Limerick Summary: 2014 Wyndham Championship

Winner: Camilo Villegas

Around the wider world of golf: Inbee Park defended her title at the final Wegmans LPGA Championship, the LPGA's 4th major of the year; Martin Piller won the News Sentinel Open on the Tour; Bernhard Langer picked up another trophy at the Champions Tour's Dick's Sporting Goods Open; Marissa Steen won the Eagle Classic on the Symetra Tour; Marc Warren won the ET's new Made in Denmark event (is that a cool name or what?); and Bo-Mee Lee won the NEC Karuizawa 72 Ladies on the JLPGA (the Constructivist has details).

Camilo looks at reflection in trophy

A friend from Brazil is here in the States for a visit and he wanted me to take him to Carowinds. Carowinds is an amusement park on the border of North and South Carolina, and he wanted to ride roller coasters. There are quite a few at the park, including 6 rated as "aggressive thrill rides." We went down Saturday and rode all 6 of them.

While I'm sure there are coasters in other parts of the country (and the world) that are bigger and faster, these 6 coasters let you experience just about every kind of coaster you can ride: High coasters, hanging coasters, ridiculously fast coasters, and even coasters that change direction and run backwards. My favorite is the NightHawk; here are a few photos of it in action.

NightHawk in curve
NightHawk in curve 2
NightHawk in dive

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Riders spend most of this ride hanging not only under the track but under the cars as well. There's nothing quite like diving straight down, head first, when there's nothing between you and the ground. They tell you to empty your pockets before you ride, but some people just won't do it. While we waited in line, we saw all kinds of things flying out of the riders' pockets as they zipped around. Understand? That's why this is an "aggressive thrill ride."

About 2 hours northeast of Carowinds, a number of very aggressive golfers were creating a thrill ride of their own. They didn't run nearly as fast as the NightHawk -- and they certainly didn't do that wild series of barrelrolls we did just before we re-entered the station -- but they were playing with their livelihoods. Who would make it into the FedExCup Playoffs next week? Who would keep their cards next year?

In an unexpected move, Camilo Villegas -- largely MIA for the last 3.5 seasons -- zipped to the top of the leaderboard with a bogey-free 63. Meanwhile, third-round leader Nick Watney -- also missing in action for a quite a while -- simply couldn't find the bottom of the cup. The leaderboard filled up with former PGA Tour winners who had been off their games for a while but suddenly found themselves in this last-ditch effort to make the playoffs and save their cards.

Of course, only Camilo pulled it off. But what did you expect? Mere mortals are no match for Spiderman! The next question is... will Spiderman retain his powers into the foreseeable future or was this just a one-time heroic effort?

Either way, in addition to an all-expenses paid ticket that will probably get him at least to the 3rd playoff event, Camilo gets his first Limerick Summary in a very long time. Can he get another one? Only time will tell...
By winning the end of the season
Camilo insured he’ll be breezin’
Through most of the playoffs
Without any layoffs.
Let’s hope that he’s back, not just teasin’.
The photos came from,,, and, in that order. 

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