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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Trailing Foot Shuffle for Better Iron Play

This is one of the more interesting tips I've found recently. It comes from Golf Magazine's Top100 Teacher Brian Manzella, and he says it will help you hit irons like Henrik Stenson.

I don't know about that... but I can see where it could help you improve your footwork.

About that "pushing up at impact" bit... I know that's one way to increase your swing speed but the timing always seems a bit tricky to me. If you want to try that, it's up to you. It's your practice time!

However, I think Brian's idea about lifting your trailing foot briefly to start your backswing could really help some of you. Far too many of you freeze over the ball -- it's amazing that pigeons don't roost on you during your setup! But hand movements like waggles and forward presses don't always help, either.

Moving your feet gets your whole body moving, and that can really help your swing rhythm. And note that Brian says you don't have to move your trailing foot much -- just high enough to slip a piece of paper under it. I don't know how well some of you would feel that, but you might try lifting your trailing heel just a bit above the ground, then "push it down" to start your backswing. That might also help you keep from swaying as much. You want a small weight shift, not a big one!

If you have trouble with getting your backswing started, Brain Manzella's little shuffle just might help you improve your footwork. It's certainly worth a try.

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