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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And the Picks Are In

Now that Tom Watson has announced his picks, I didn't do too bad. I got all of Paul McGinley's picks and two of Tom Watson's... and while I thought Bill Haas should be the final US pick, I did say Webb Simpson was his main competition. I'm giving myself 5.5 out of 6. Well done, me!

So, in case you missed it today, here are all of the Captain's Picks. For the Euros:
  1. Stephen Gallacher
  2. Ian Poulter
  3. Lee Westwood
And for the Americans:
  1. Keegan Bradley
  2. Hunter Mahan
  3. Webb Simpson
Two very strong teams for one very exciting competition.


  1. Good job Mike. I look forward to this ( and President's Cup as well) because of the format, team competition, and playing for the USA! Just to stir up the pot a little; what do you say to people who think that the USGA & R&A should be running this? $$$$$$$ right?

  2. I figure the PGA has run the Ryder Cup since the beginning and they haven't done that bad a job. ;-) Why change things now?