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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anna Rawson on the Power Draw

A few months back I posted a video from Golf Digest's Sexiest Shots in Golf series where Anna Rawson demonstrated how to hit a checked wedge. Well, I've brought Anna back to demonstrate how to hit a big power draw with your driver. Take it away, Anna...

Okay, it's 3 very simple steps:
  1. Use a stronger lead hand grip. (Note that Anna actually strengthens BOTH hands. That should guarantee that you don't leave the club face open.)
  2. Tee the ball a little more forward in your stance.
  3. Close your stance AND your shoulders.
You need all 3 for this to work. You close your stance and your shoulders --even if you close your stance, it won't work if your shoulders are open -- and you move the ball forward to give you more time to square up your hands. Those 2 things delay impact by making the club head travel farther before it gets to the ball. Then the stronger grip forces you to square up the club face... because if you're slicing the ball, you aren't getting it squared.

You'll have to experiment with these 3 steps a bit to see just how much you need to alter each one. You may need to move the ball farther forward but not close your stance as much, or you may need to close your stance more and move the ball less. You may need to make your grip a lot stronger or only a little stronger. But this technique should help you get that draw when you hit your driver.

If you need some extra help, go to my Some Useful Post Series page and check out the "How to Hit a Draw" series. There's both a right-handed and a left-handed version of the series that might help you get more out of this video.

And in case the video didn't embed, here's the link to the original.


  1. As an avid LPGA fan and a person who goes to several tournaments a year, I miss Anna Rawson.

  2. Don't we all, Tony. Don't we all...

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