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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Billy Horschel's Putting Grip Change

Brian Manzella, the Golf Magazine Top100 Teacher, recently did a video about the putting grip change Billy Horschel and his teacher Todd Anderson made just before the 2nd FedExCup Playoff event. One thing this video does is show how misleading a simple instruction can be, and Brian does everybody a favor by showing us exactly what Billy's new grip actually looks like.

As you can see, when Billy "separated his hands" on his putter grip, he didn't actually make a split grip where there's a space between his hands. Rather, he now uses what I call a "10-finger" grip -- the hands aren't really separated, he just doesn't overlap any of his fingers anymore.

Billy's grip is a crosshand (lead hand low) grip -- since Billy is right-handed, that means his left hand is lower on the shaft than his right -- and his left pinky touches but doesn't overlap his right index finger. With more fingers on the grip, he says it's easier to feel the putter. (I'd say that's because, with more fingers on the grip, you don't have to grip as tightly to keep control. A lighter touch equals better feel.)

Brian also advises practicing long putts (in addition to short putts and tap-ins) to help your distance control. Makes sense to me!

On the outside chance the video didn't embed, here's the link to the original.

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