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Sunday, September 7, 2014

David Leadbetter Unplugged (from the Sand, that is)

I like my eggs scrambled or boiled. However, the bunkers on my golf course seem to like them fried.

Fortunately, instructor David Leadbetter doesn't care for fried eggs -- aka "plugged lies" -- any more than I do. And so he did this little video on just for folks like me (and maybe you too)!

Here's a quick summary of the technique:
  • Ball in the middle of a slightly open stance, weight a bit more on your left side.
  • Close the club face.
  • Take the club back a little outside and steeper. (Sounds like he wants you to swing along your toe line.)
  • Dig into the sand a bit (can't be helped with that closed face).
  • Short followthrough (in some cases, stick the club in the sand).
  • Allow room for the ball to run when it hits the green.
Sounds simple enough. But that's why he's David Leadbetter, right? ;-)

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