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Friday, September 12, 2014

In Case You Missed Rory's "Defence"

In his presser Wednesday Rory was asked about Tiger and Phil not being at the Tour Championship. Essentially he said they were injured and that's what happens when you get older. I guess it was the phrase about them "getting into sort of the last few holes of their careers" that got everybody talking. It was the only thing about the Tour Championship that made it onto ESPN Wednesday, for example.

In case you missed Rory's response to the uproar, I thought you might find this summary interesting, which also has the original comments if you missed them.


Rory went on Twitter Wednesday night and saw the comments and couldn't figure out why everybody was so worked up over them. He said, "Look, I know Tiger and Phil really well. I get on really well with both guys."

But here's my favorite line. When asked if he would have to explain himself to Tiger, he just smiled and said, "I've said worse to his face."

I believe him and I don't think either of the guys was upset. But I suspect Phil's going to be VERY rested by Ryder Cup time... and Tiger's probably got some new motivation to get healthy again as well! ;-)

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