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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Looking Ahead to Saturday's Matches

This is another case of me posting early but most of you will still likely see the matches before you read this post. Here are my takes on Friday and my predictions for Saturday. We'll see how well I do.

First, let me say that I think Tom Watson's about to change the standard strategy for the US team -- namely, don't make anybody play all 5 sessions. Tom certainly intimated as much in his news conference where he remained noncommittal on whether he would sit guys or not.  On the first day Tom (and Paul too, for that matter) wanted to play every member of his team to see how they would do. There was some controversy when Tom chose not to play a certain pairing in both sessions...

Spieth and Reed

I suspect we'll see Spieth / Reed and Fowler / Walker the rest of the way out. (They're the power teams; ride 'em!) I also expect Furyk and Kuchar to play the rest of the way, although I don't think they'll play together. (I could be wrong, as that would mean that Bradley would NOT be paired with Mickelson in the afternoon. But that's my feeling.) And I suspect some other players are going to sit until Sunday -- specifically Webb Simpson. I think I'd send out Furyk / Johnson and Kuchar / Bradley in the afternoon.

For the Euros, I suspect Dubuisson / McDowell, Rose / Stenson, Donaldson / Westwood, and Bjorn / Kaymer will be the afternoon foursomes. Why mess with success? Let Rory and Sergio rest for singles, and unless Poulter plays better Saturday morning, sit him as well.

I'm not surprised Gallacher struggled a bit, just as I'm not surprised the other 5 rookies played extremely well. It's rough being the hometown boy, especially with all the connections his father had to the event. High expectations on a first-timer are rough; the other rookies sort of snuck in under the radar. Their play bodes well for both teams.

The US didn't play as bad as they may have looked. Had the team draws come up differently in the afternoon, the results would have been a little better for the US -- although I think it's likely the Euros would have still had a single point lead.(I think that's why Tom is putting Furyk and Kuchar out again this morning.) As it stands, I expect the US to gain a point back today, winning 4.5 of the 8 points up for grabs.

So at the end of today, I expect the Euros to be up 8.5 - 7.5 over the US. If I'm right, Sunday singles should be pretty exciting.

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