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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Limerick Summary: 2014 Tour Championship

Winner: Billy Horschel

Around the wider world of golf: Hyo Joo Kim won the Evian Championship, giving Michelle Wie the Annika Award for performance in all the LPGA majors in the process; Min Lee won the Garden City Charity Classic on the Symetra Tour; Paul Casey won the KLM Open while Andy Sullivan's hole-in-one locked up the "trip into space" prize on the ET; Justin Thomas won the Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship on the Tour; Ryan Williams won the TOUR Championship of Canada and Joel Dahmen won the PGA TOUR Canada Player of the Year on the PGA TOUR Canada; David McKenzie won the Cadillac Championship on the PGA TOUR China; and Ai Suzuki become the youngest winner of the Konica Minolta Cup on the JLPGA (the Constructivist has details).

Billy takes two

Well, it's all over now. (For a couple of weeks anyway.) And it looks like this time the Hare beat out all those Turtles in their race to the FedExCup.

He didn't do a whole lot during the year. He didn't score a Ryder Cup nod. He didn't get a win. He missed the cut at the first FedExCup Playoff event and barely made the others. But then he posted a runner-up and two wins, taking down something like $13.5mil in just three weeks. That's more money than he's made in his entire career up until now.

And the scary thing is, if it hadn't been for a single shot, he could have won all three events. And for those people who questioned his stomach for competition after that one bad shot, I think he has satisfactorily answered their questions without even resorting to that one huge rude gesture they probably deserved. (Who hits every shot perfectly, anyway?)

Billy's wife, Brittany, who's expecting a little girl in a couple of weeks (probably just as well that he didn't get the Ryder Cup call), and he had talked about whether he should continue playing if the baby came early. Or rather, as Billy told, let's just say a decision was made:
"There wasn't much discussion," Horschel said after his opening round. "I brought up the question. She said, 'You're staying.'"
I suspect their first kid is going to have one hell of a nursery!

And to Billy himself go two trophies, a ridiculous amount of money, and -- most importantly -- this week's Limerick Summary. Congratulations to the Florida Gator who chomped up the whole field with an iron will and a hot putter!
He won’t get a Ryder Cup start
(And his pants aren’t what I would call “art”),
But now Billy’s got money
To care for his honey
And baby. He’s also got heart!
The photo came from the tournament upshot page at


  1. Hey Mike,

    Not fair about the pants. He is one of the few to be a little classic but with nice touch, like donald. Even if donald doesn't have the octopus pant !!!!

    : )

    Anyway, at last, maybe a wrong call from USA Captain ? ( Over Mahan ?)

    We will see.


  2. I confess that I liked the octopus pants... but I've liked some of John Daley's Loudmouth pants too. That doesn't make any of them "great fashion." ;-)

    And given the time frame, Tom Watson couldn't have predicted this so, no, not a wrong call. But I'm probably going to do a post about Ryder Cup deadlines.

  3. Too me there were even with kirk and henley before the announcement. Not much too decide, but horschel is a great character and he prouved it after the picks. No regrets, because if watson had the cristal ball he maybe not take him anyway..... New born is coming (cristal ball not needed), big money and media attention, at the end of a long season... Not so good to play strong against europe.