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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yet Another Anti-Banana Ball Drill

This video by instructor Todd Anderson -- who just happens to be Billy Horschel's teacher -- is billed as a way to stop slicing. Many of you will find it interesting for that reason. But it looks like it might help you learn to draw the ball as well.

The idea is simple. You use your wedge's shaft as a guide to help you see when your downswing path is too much out-to-in. If you play chess, you can remember that the spacing between the ball and the wedge is like a knight's move -- two big steps away from the target, one large step away from the target line, turn and "plant" the wedge head into the ground.

You'll find this drill is much easier to do if you start your backswing with a one-piece takeaway because that puts you on a good plane from the start. I've got instructions on how to do that in this post.

Having a clear visual of what you want to do can certainly make getting the correct shot shape much easier. It might even help you swing a bit more like Billy Horschel, who seems to have a good handle on his swing plane right now!

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