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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Collection of Thoughts and Shoutouts

I had a number of odds and ends that I wanted to mention, but none of them really needed an entire post. So I figured why not put them all in one post?

You may have heard that the PGA Tour gave out its annual awards on Wednesday for the Player of the Year (that's the Jack Nicklaus Award) and the Rookie of the Year (which, to my knowledge, isn't named after any player).

To no one's surprise, Rory McIlroy won the POY -- and the Arnold Palmer Award for the money title, and the Byron Nelson Award for adjusted scoring average. Look, when a guy wins two majors and a WGC (in 3 straight weeks, no less) to take back #1 in the OWGR in addition to all his other accomplishments this year, you just step back and say, "Well done, young fella!"

And Chesson Hadley won the Rookie of the Year Award by, among other things, winning the Puerto Rico Open and being the only rookie to make it into the FedExCup Playoffs (he made it to the BMW Championship, just short of the Tour Championship, and finished 49th in the FedExCup rankings.) Again, not too shabby!

In yesterday's rant about the Ryder Cup, I meant to add a simple suggestion that I think would help the US players immensely. That simple suggestion is that the Americans play a few more European Tour events during the year. Although Gleneagles wasn't a typical European course, McGinley specifically said he set it up to play like a typical ET event. As we all know, Phil Mickelson -- who admittedly can be a bit stubborn -- said after winning the 2013 Scottish Open and Open Championship that it had taken him 10 years to learn to play links golf. I think this is part of the problem.

European golf requires more skills -- more types of shots -- than American golf, skills which the Euros are using to great effect in Ryder Cups on both sides of the Atlantic. (I talked about this at length in a post about the OWGR.) Clearly the Americans aren't learning those over here so I suggest they pick up a few events over there, even if it means skipping a few PGA Tour events. That suggestion may not be popular with the sponsors, but the US players have to do something to level the playing field. This may be the easiest way.

Finally, I got a pleasant surprise in my email the other day. You may remember that I did a Limerick Summary for the Symetra Tour Championship a couple of weeks back. That tournament was won by Norwegian player Marita Engzelius, and it jumped her all the way to the LPGA Q-School Finals.

Well, Marita has become the first player on any tour to actually thank me for composing a Limerick Summary for them. And yes, I was touched that she took the time to do it.

Marita Engzelius

In fact, Marita and her brother took their own shot at writing a limerick for me!
Three fierce contenders in a playoff duel
With birdies in sight, and adrenalin as fuel
One would eagle, the ultimate kick
Even earn herself a Mike's Limerick
But missing her card, she will be back for the sequel
I thanked her and told her I expected to see her next year on the LPGA. Help me wish her good luck at Q-School this December! You can tweet her at @MaritaEngzelius.

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  1. LPGA last year added two spots from World Rankings onto Solheim Cup team. Bubba Watson played French Open before vowing not to play there again