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Friday, October 17, 2014

Moving Your Lead Side to Start Your Downswing

Golf Magazine Top100 Teacher Brady Riggs made this little video about getting your lead side "sync'ed up" on the downswing. But there's even more here than he mentions. Watch the video first, then I'll give you the extra bit.

First, note the two errors he mentions:
  • If your hips slide forward too much, you lean backward and "get stuck." (For most weekend players, it also results in pushed shots.)
  • If your hips spin too much, you swing too much out-to-in. (Note that this also creates a reverse pivot.)
I've mentioned these things in too many posts to mention, and quoted too many teachers for me to remember! But there's still more.

Starting at around the :53 second mark Brady talks about moving the knee, thigh and hip together to start the downswing... but watch the video demonstration closely from this point on. If you do, you will note that Brady's lead shoulder is also moving together with his lower body. His hips don't get ahead of his shoulder and his shoulder stays in the same position relative to his hips that he had at address. (His lead shoulder is slightly inside his stance at setup, and you can see it's in that same position at impact.)  He makes this "sync'ed" move three times during the demonstration!

In other words, his entire lead side is moving together to start his downswing.

And when Brady does it at full speed at the end of the video, you can see that it looks like his entire lead side is moving together. That's what it means to be in sync, and you'll feel very balanced at impact and finish if you move this way.