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Friday, October 24, 2014

The LPGA Prepares for a Rankings Shake-Up

While the LPGA's second round at the Blue Bay LPGA was delayed a couple of hours by heavy rains, there was no delay when the news come out...

Stacy Lewis is about to lose her #1 position in the Rolex Rankings to Inbee Park. Again.

The irony is that neither player even teed it up this week!

Inbee Park

We've seen this sort of thing happen before, of course. Adam Scott reached #1 in the OWGR on one of his off weeks. And it's not hard to understand why -- as each new week ticks by, an old week falls off the back end of the rankings period and the points average changes.

According to, the two players were in a statistical dead heat coming into this week. Check this out: Stacy's official average was 11.0444 and Inbee’s was 11.0382, both of which get rounded to 11.04. This week the two are separated by barely more than 5/1000 of a point! The tipping point is apparently that Inbee played last week while Stacy didn't. (You can find a more exact explanation here at

Next week Inbee will have a slight advantage that gives her the lead (don't ask me how much of a lead 'cause I've got no idea... but it can't be much!). However, both players are scheduled to play next week's Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship. Their finishes there could flip things around yet again.

The only thing I know for sure is that Lydia Ko has been left out of the fun. She can't take the #1 spot this week even if she wins at Blue Bay. But by the end of the year...?

Get ready for a wild ride, folks. The battle lines are being drawn!

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