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Friday, October 10, 2014

Turn Your Slice into a Weapon

Yesterday I posted a video on how to get rid of a slice. Today we approach the problem from an entirely different angle -- namely, how to turn your uncontrollable slice into a fearsome fade.

This article on by PGA Professional Derek Nannen is a three-page article that covers the primary causes of those out-of-control slices... and how to turn it into a useful fade. For example, this pair of photos from the first page show two equally bad setups that can cause a banana ball.

incorrect setups that cause a slice

The one on the left, where the feet are closed but the shoulders are open, is an obvious problem. But would you have thought the one on the right, where the feet and shoulders are both open, can cause the same problem? Derek says that if the club face is still pointed down the center of the fairway and the ball position hasn't been adjusted for the setup, the ball will still slice like crazy!

The article covers the four main things you need to check in order to get control of that banana ball:
  1. Fix your alignment
  2. Move the ball forward in your stance
  3. Close the club face, not your grip (lots of helpful photos for this one!)
  4. Make a full turn into your followthrough
Rather than try to summarize the article -- it's three pages long with lots of photos and diagrams, after all -- I'm just recommending you click this article link and study it. Derek has written an extremely clear presentation of how to turn your natural tendency to slice into a powerful weapon on the course. Any time you can harness your natural tendencies, you're more likely to find success more consistenly. If you struggle with a slice, give it a try!

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