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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Variety of Newsy Tidbits

Just thought I'd collect a few things I've heard over the past few days and link to some more in-depth info about them (if available). All-in-all, I've got 6 short announcements you may have missed.

First of all, during the final round of the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, GC's Tom Abbott did confirm that Suzann Pettersen is now working with Butch Harmon. I noted that she had left longtime teacher David Leadbetter a few weeks back and wondered if Suzann was working with Butch last week, but now we know for sure. Given the dramatic change Rickie Fowler has seen in just one year, this change could have a major effect on next year's LPGA results.

Tim Rosaforte mentioned several bits on Monday's Morning Drive. One note is that Tiger is working on his swing by himself for now -- although he's been bouncing ideas off Notah Begay III, which has been common knowledge for weeks -- but also that Tiger has apparently been trimming down as well. Some will suspect it's a result of all the criticism he's received for getting "too big" while others speculate that it may be a result of the swing he's building.

If Rosaforte is correct, I suspect it's the latter; when LeBron James left the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he also trimmed down because he expected to play a different position with the Cavs. Rosaforte theorized that Tiger might be going back to the way he swung when he first came on Tour. Should be interesting when he shows up at his own event in early December!

Also mentioned is that Dustin Johnson expects to return to the Tour for the Farmers Insurance Open in February, assuming his fiance delivers their new baby in time. You can read a more detailed piece about DJ in this blog post; while Rosaforte says this date also coincides with the rumored 6-month suspension, it appears DJ has made some serious life changes in the meantime. If so, the leave was worth it.

Lost in all the excitement last week was the news that Augusta National has added a third female member -- this time, it's IBM CEO Virginia (Ginni) Rometty.

Another bit of buzz concerns the tweet Greg Norman sent Ian Poulter after he missed that putt to tie Brooks Koepka in Turkey. ("Mate noticed something in your putting when I watched you yesterday. Easy fix.") You can check out the entire conversation on this thread at Ian's Twitter account. And yes, Ian says he wants the help.

This last one is also from Rosaforte, about Phil Mickelson's off-season training routine. Apparently Phil has lost 10 pounds and added 6mph to his swing, with plans to lose 20 pounds and add 10mph once he's done. If Phil and Tiger can both get in shape to compete with Rory next year... WOW!

I think that covers the most important bits I've heard... and now you've heard them too.

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