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Friday, November 21, 2014

Pete Cowen's Basic Chipping Technique

I assume that most of you know who Pete Cowen is. He works with a lot of European pros -- Henrik Stenson is one you might have heard of! -- and many in the golf industry consider him one of the two or three best instructors on the planet.

Today I've got a short video where Pete teaches you basic chipping technique. This is really simple, folks, and I think you'll find it very helpful if you're having problems.

Let me call your attention to one particular point. Pete says your wrists can only hinge four ways. He demonstrates them quickly in this video, starting around the :12 second mark. Here are the four ways (his terms for them are in parentheses):
  1. Up (wrist cock)
  2. Down (downcock)
  3. Backward (hinge back)
  4. Forward (hinge forward)
He says that, during a chip, your trail hand hinges BACKWARD ONLY (no up or down) and your lead hand just kind of goes along for the ride. (Although the lead hand is moving with the trail hand, the lead wrist doesn't really have to hinge to do it. Try it and see.) Just be sure to move both hands together; that will keep you from flipping your hands at impact.

This is a very classic method of chipping, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to get good results this way.

You're welcome. ;-)

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