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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Quick Look at the "New" Tiger Swing

Today I'm just passing on a link. This is a video tweeted by the Tiger Woods Foundation showing his "new" swing. Here's a still from the video.

Tiger's New Swing

This post at notes that Tiger appears to have a slightly wider stance and longer swing. GC showed some of Tiger's exhibition on Monday at the Hero World Challenge, and Tiger himself said he was trying to get back to some of the things he did as a teen. At any rate, it appears that Tiger and Chris Como are on track to do some things that most of his critics have wanted him to do for a while.

Does that make this a "new" swing? I don't know, but at least we'll get to see it in full flight in a couple more days.

One more quick note: The video is also embedded in the post but watch the link at the top of this post, in the paragraph above the photo; it's a bigger clearer video. That's the one I took the still photo from.

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