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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Quick Red-Green Colorblindness Test

Golf Digest has an article about Jack Nicklaus being colorblind... and I mean REALLY colorblind. Like he was unable to tell which numbers were red on the leaderboards.

The article includes a video that gives you some idea what it's like to be red-green colorblind, and it has a link to an online test for red-green colorblindness. It's called the Ishihara 38 Plates CVD Test and it uses 38 pictures like this:

Sample colorblind test picture

You've seen these before, haven't you?

Anyway, while the online test isn't perfect -- it explains why at the test page -- it can still give you an idea about whether you're affected or not. I knew I had some colorblindness -- not a lot, but it shows up if there's not enough contrast between the two colors (that is, one being darker or lighter than the other) -- and the test picked it up. You might want to try it if you're curious.

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