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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blair O'Neal on Finishing Your Swing

Blair O'Neal has added a Hot Tips from a Hot Golfer video over at This one is a drill to help you make a stronger finish with your swing, which she says will help you make better shots.

The drill is simple: Place a tee in the ground a few feet in front of your ball (hers appears to be around 3 feet ahead) and then try to swing "through the tee" and into your finish. The idea is that this will keep you from making a weak swipe at the ball, as well as encouraging you to swing toward the target and make a fuller turn (which should help you square the club face).

Obviously this is a range drill and not something you'd do on the course. And I probably don't need to say this but I will: When I say to swing "through the tee" I don't mean you actually try to hit the tee. It's too far ahead of the ball! But this drill should help you if you have a tendency to get too "ball-bound" and lose your focus on the target.

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