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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Butch on the 30-Yard Pitch Shot

This short video is a brand new one from Butch Harmon that I found Tuesday on I'm posting it because it illustrates a specific way to use the bounce of your wedge, just like in yesterday's Azinger video.

Butch calls this shot "the clip." This is how Steve Stricker plays this kind of shot... and you know how much I like Stricker's technique.

The primary technique in this shot is the relatively wristless wide takeaway and stroke through the shot. Note that the ball is in the middle of Butch's stance so the club shaft will be vertical when he actually hits the ball. That's how you make sure you use the bounce on the club.

One last thought: Obviously this shot wouldn't work from thick rough. To get clean contact with such a wide shallow arc, you need to be playing from the short grass. From the rough you want to use your wrists more, the way Zinger does in yesterday's video.

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