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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Getting Stronger So You Can Finish Your Swing

Yesterday I posted a video from Blair O'Neal on finishing your swing. But what if you're struggling to move that way?

Well, here's a video with a couple of simple ways to strengthen your body so you can get that final turn.

Okay, just because they're simple doesn't mean they're easy. Still, you don't have to do them fast to get some good from them!

Bear in mind that when the instructions say "5 reps" it means you want to do the interval pattern 5 times. That is, you exercise for the number of seconds shown, then rest for the number of seconds shown -- that's 1 rep.

The rope jumping probably won't be too difficult for most of you. You can also try jogging in place. In either case, you'll probably find it easier to do it on a soft surface like carpet. And don't be ashamed to go slow; your leg muscles will probably take longer to adjust to the workout than your heart and lungs. At least, it always seems that way to me.

The hill climbers are TOUGH. Make sure you start out doing them slowly. If you've never done anything like them before, you can always put your hands on a chair seat instead of the floor. That's a much easier way to do them when you're starting out, and there's no shame in adjusting the exercise to better fit your abilities. (I would recommend making the rest period twice as long as the workout when you start. It's even harder than it looks.) Remember, the idea is to get stronger, not kill yourself.

There are plenty of exercises you can do as interval training, from jumping jacks to sprints around a track to weight lifting. (With weights, it's better for most people to use light weights. Work out for a given number of seconds rather than a given number of lifts, and make sure you allow longer for the rest period than for the workout.) Just pick something that you enjoy and don't overdo it, especially when you're starting out.

Yes, I believe in caution when you start a new exercise routine. You may think it's going to take you too long to get in shape if you start slowly... but then again, you can't work out at all if you hurt yourself. Just a thought...

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