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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Getting Stronger to Stop Your Slice

A couple of weeks back I posted a video on strength training to help you finish your swing better. Apparently they're doing a number of these videos, and I found another one I really like on exercises to help you stop your slice.

There are a couple of easy exercises here -- the one-armed bent-over row and the Lateral Heisman.

The one-armed bent-over row is a standard weightlifter's exercise that's pretty easy on your back because the straight arm helps support your upper body during the workout.

I've never seen the Lateral Heisman before (so called because it duplicates the pose of the figure on the Heisman Trophy, which is awarded to the US college football player voted as the athlete who best represents the excellence and spirit of the game) but I really like the looks of this exercise. Obviously you can use any weight you can hold, not just a medicine ball, and it looks like a good core strengthening movement.

Hey, many of you are stuck inside because of bad weather. Might as well get a headstart on getting in shape for next year!

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