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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Golf Ball Dimples Still Can't Match the Blue Angels

I just think this is a cool video.

Golf Digest did a short article on how dimples affect the flight of a golf ball and they included this little Titleist video of Iron Byron hitting a golf ball. It looks like they used ProTracer to show the ball flight. Make sure you pay close attention to the first one; that's a normal golf ball. You can see that it flies very high and has just a slight fade. Presumably Iron Byron likes the fade for added control. ;-)

Then they go to a ball that's half-dimpled and half-smooth. (A cool-looking golf ball, to be sure!) Iron Byron hits it with the dimples on the left side of the ball, then on the right side. You get two low hard curves.

Finally they use a completely smooth ball which goes nowhere compared to the first ball. You can see how much lower the ball flight is.

The video helps explain why the ball companies spend so much time experimenting with new dimple patterns and shapes. I wonder if they'll ever be able to make the ball do barrel rolls like the Blue Angels? The only dimples the Angels need are caused by their smiles as they zip overhead.

Blue Angels doing barrel rolls

The Blue Angels photo came from the US Navy's official blog.

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